To develop Christ Consciousness it is important to find the right relationship to the real Christ-Being. Christ represents this consciousness. Again it is strongly emphasized that Christ Consciousness has no relation to any kind of religion. Christ Consciousness is a state of consciousness in which a common awareness is transformed into a higher consciousness. Christ Consciousness is therefore not related to any religion or esoteric movement.
In all Gnostic writings a transformed higher consciousness is mentioned and also in eastern esoterics it is a common concept.

Christ as the LOGOS, the bearer of the Cosmic Love and Wisdom
The question who Christ is, cannot be answered easily. The essence of this high and divine Being is hard to capture in words. He is a Being who already existed long before the Earth was created and who has been part of the Highest Divine Cosmic Energy from the very beginning. Christ embraces Cosmic Love, the all-encompassing Wisdom and the all-illuminating Light. He is also called the Logos or ‘The Light of the World’. Sometimes Logos is translated as ‘the Word’ but one could also translate it as ‘Highest Cosmic Divinity’. In Gnostics it is stated that he comes out of the highest realms that ever existed.
Christ is the bearer of Cosmic Love. This is selfless love, the love that focuses on the good. The words of love which come from Christ: “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. (John 15:12) say everything. This all-embracing love was brought to Earth by Christ.

Christ was known under different names

In ancient civilizations, long before Christ’s birth on Earth, Christ was known under different names. In ancient Persia, Zarathustra, a great initiate who lived approximately 5000 years before Christ, spoke about the great Sun-Being of Ahura Mazdah. Not only in ancient Persia the high Sun-Being was worshipped but also in other high-minded cultures. The Egyptians for instance knew the Sun god Re. This god was often referred to as Horus. Horus is the Son of the great Sun god Osiris and his wife Isis, who was also his sister. Horus is often portrayed as a falcon with the sun on its head.

Christ united Himself with the man Jesus at the Baptism in the river Jordan
Christ united Himself with the man Jesus to become one with mankind. That event took place at the Baptism in the river Jordan, when Jesus of Nazareth was about 30 years old. This a known fact in all esoterics and in the old Orthodox Church (for example Greek and Russian).
Only when Jesus died on the cross, when the blood came into contact with the earth, the spiritual ‘energy’ of Christ could merge with the aura of the earth. From that moment on Christ has inseparably been connected with the evolution of mankind and the earth.

The resurrection body
At the Resurrection the physical body of Jesus is completely transformed into a body of light by the divine energy of Christ. It is unlike anything else that Christ descended into a human body to conquer the powers of death, to imbue the body of Jesus with his divine being and in doing so transform the physical body into a body of light: the resurrection body. From that moment onwards everyone who becomes enlightened can have a body of light himself. Then he or she can gain Christ Consciousness.

Christ is the Creator of All
In the ‘Opening Hymn’ of the Gospel of St. John it is clearly stated that Christ is the ‘Logos’ or the Cosmic Word which was with God from the beginning of time and that has become ‘flesh’ and lived among us. In other words: Christ became the Son of Man. It is also mentioned that Christ has created all and ‘without him not one thing came into being’. Christ is therefore creator of All.

‘In the beginning was the Word ( LOGOS)
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God.
The same was in the beginning with God.
All things came into being through him ( the LOGOS),
and without him not one thing came into being. (…)
And the Word became flesh
And lived among us (…)

The sentence ‘And the Word became flesh and lived among us’ is very beautiful. In a few words the secret of the Logos, of Christ, is revealed: the Cosmic Love has wandered on the earth in a body of flesh and blood.

The coming of Christ on Earth
Why Christ had to come on earth, is a long and complicated story.

See the book: ‘Christ Consciousness; A Path of Inner Development’ by Danielle van Dijk or ‘ From Jesus to Christ’, Rudolf Steiner;