Christ meditation

A Christ meditation
It is of importance for the development of Christ Consciousness to do a Christ meditation regularly. Everyone can search for his or her own individual rhythm and variety in practicing this meditation. A Christ meditation ‘fine-tunes’ and enlightens your whole being. The chords of your soul are attuned to the divine love. Our chakra’s are activated, especially the highest three: the crown chakra, the frontal chakra and the heart chakra.

India and Christ Consciousness
In India the frontal chakra is known as ‘the spiritual eye’. Yogananda (1893-1952), a highly developed yogi, who is known all over the world, built a bridge between East and West and said that the lotus flower with two petals ( the frontal chakra) is the basis for meditation. He described ‘the spiritual eye’ as ‘the entryway into the ultimate states of divine consciousness’. He considered Christ Consciousness to be part of that, and described it as follows: Christ Consciousness is the ‘oneness with the universal intelligence of God in all creation’.

The meditation:

Start with the basic position for every meditation. Sit straight up on a chair and put both feet on the ground; let the earth support them. You may lean if that feels good. You may notice that you are still too much ‘in your thinking’. It helps if you touch your body with both hands from head to feet. In this way you become fully involved in the meditation.

Close your eyes and rest your hands in your lap, let your right hand (or your left hand if you are left-handed) support your other hand. Breathe in deeply several times. Open up your heart and try to feel as much gratitude as you can. Stay perfectly silent within yourself and focus on your deepest being. Take your time!
Say to yourself: ‘I am’ or: ‘I am (your name)’. Let go of all thoughts and relax, be aware of your inner silence. Breathe in deeply again if you still feel any strain.

When you are ready you open your soul for Christ and say to yourself: ‘Christ in me’. Repeat this several times and try to call forth an image. You can of course visualize Christ, full of shining love. A mild, soothing and peaceful light is possible. Choose a mood that fits you. Do this for a couple of minutes until you feel satisfied or you feel that it is enough. You can add something to it, for example: ‘Christ in me and his Spirit lives in me’.

Now visualize the Christ-Sun above your head and let the golden light flow through you, from your crown to your toes. Let the light also shine around you and fill your aura. Live intensely in Christ-Sun for a while. Do this with undivided attention. While remaining in full concentration say again: ‘Christ in me’.

Now try to imagine that the infinite love of Christ flows through you and into the world. Say to yourself: ‘Christ in the other and in the world’ or only ‘Christ in the other’. Feel new love arising again and again and don’t spend energy that you do not have. This step can be taken after having meditated for a longer period, a few weeks or months, or when you are ready to share the love of Christ with all people on this Earth. In your thoughts or in reality you can make a gesture of blessing for the world. Find a form that suits you.

Now focus again on yourself. Put your hands back in your lap and go back to the basic position. Take all the time you need to come back to yourself. Make an inner gesture of gratitude and breathe in deeply. Put your hands on your head to close the flow of energy. This will also prevent unwanted energy to enter your body.

Get up and move all your limbs. A short walk is also wonderful. Drink a glass of water and return to your usual daily routine.