Christ Consciousness (Christusbewustzijn)
Christ Consciousness is the highest form of consciousness man can get. It is a universal spiritual consciousness, that anybody can get who walks the path of unselfish love and mindfulness. This consciousness, also known by the yogis in India, is not related to any religion or specific church. It is free and accessible to those who search deeply for the all embracing love of the Divine.

It is called Christ Consciousness, because Christ is the highest being who came on earth from the divine realm to save mankind from decline. He brought, as a seed, unselfish love in the hearts of everyone to overcome egotism. We have to imagine Christ as the highest Love and Light of the Universe that shines for all of us, no matter what religion we have or have not!

Unselfish love
If you let the seeds of unselfish love blossom in your heart you can get this highest consciousness: Christ Consciousness. This is not an easy way to live and one has to labour hard, but after all it is the aim of mankind: to become spirits of Love and Freedom!